Basic components of the Refrigeration cycle

Basic components of the refrigeration cycle:

     Components are:
         4)Expansion valve


  • It is the heart of the air conditioning system.
  • It is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. An air compressor is a specific type of gas compressor.
  • The compressor pumps vapour refrigerant at high pressure and temperature into a condenser and receives superheat vapour at low temperature and pressure from the evaporator.  

  Types of compressor:

      a)Reciprocating Compressor
      b)Scroll compressor(Mostly used in VRF)
      c)Screw compressor
      d)Rotary compressor
      e)Centrifugal compressor(used in Chiller Plant).

  •  It is a device or unit used to condense a gaseous substance into a liquid state through cooling.
  • It is part of the refrigeration system and responsible for heat transfer.
  • It receives vapour refrigerant from the compressor at high temperature and pressure and removes heat and pass to the expansion valve.

     Types of condenser:

             a)Aircooled condenser: It is located in outside of the unit, the air-cooled condenser can provide the easiest arrangement. It is easy to install. 

              b)Water-cooled condenserThese condensers are the more efficient type and require regular service and maintenance.

            c)Evaporative Condensor: It can be used inside or outside of a building and under typical conditions, operate at a low condensing temperature.


  • It is the part of the refrigeration system an responsible for heat transfer.
  • It receives refrigerant from the capillary tube and this refrigerant in liquid form at low pressure.
  •  It changes the phase of refrigerant in to complete vapour form and supplies to the compressor.

     Types of Evaporator:

                a)Bare tube Evaporator
                b)Plate type Evaporator
                c)Finned Evaporator
                d)Shell & Tube Evaporator

Expansion Valve:

  •  It controls the refrigerant into the refrigeration cycle.
  •  It receives the refrigerant from condenser and it reduces the pressure and passes it to the evaporator.

      Types of Expansion:

            a)Automatic Expansion Valves
            c)Capillary tube
            d)Float valve
Note: In VRF R410A refrigerant is used.


  •  It should have Low Boiling point.
  •  It should have more latent heat capacity.
  •  It should have the property of change in phase in a narrow temperature difference.

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