Thermodynamic process

Thermodynamic process

    When a system undergoes a change of state from one point to another, the properties os a system like a temperature, pressure changes then a system undergoes a thermodynamic process.

Types of Thermodynamic process:

(a) Constant Pressure(Isobaric)
(b) Constant Volume(Isochoric)
(c) Constant Temperature( Isothermal)
(d) Constant Enthalpy(Isoenthalpic)
(e) Constant Entropy(Isoentropic)

(a) Isobaric Process
            In this process, pressure remains constant throughout the process.

(b) Isochoric Process
            In this process, volume remains constant throughout the process.

(c) Isothermal Process
            In this process, the temperature remains constant throughout the process.

(d) Isoenthalpic Process
            It is a process that proceeds without a change in enthalpy  ΔH = 0 during the process, no work is done on the system.
                                    ΔW = 0 and ΔQ = 0

(e) Isoentropic Process
            It is an idealized thermodynamic process that is both adiabatic and reversible.

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