Car Parking Ventilation

Car Parking Ventilation:

With Ducting method,



              Length=30 m, width=25 m, height=3 m


                         =30*25*3=2250 m3


                 Exhaust air= 

 ACPH (air changes per hour) its value will be taken from data table.

For car parking ACPH= 6 to 10

Suppose ACPH=10

As we know fresh air is always 80% of the exhaust air.

Fresh air=13235.3*0.8=10588.24 CFM

Without Duct method (Jet Fan)

It has the ability to ventilate and extract smoke without using any ducts resulting in tremendous cost savings, power savings and increased installation efficiency. 

 Jet fan is two types.

1) Axial Jet fan

2) centrifugal jet fan

Working as CFD analysis

CFD stands for computer fluid analysis.


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