Astronomy Quiz part-1

1) Who speculated that our universe is expanding?
    b)Edwin Hubble
Answer- b) Edwin Hubble
2) Who had propounded the planetary laws?
    c) Kepler
Answer: c) Kepler
3) Who had proved 1st that our earth & another planet are revolving?
    b) Galileo 
    c) Copernicus 
    d)Edwin Hubble
Answer: c) Copernicus 
4) Which one of the following elements occurs most abundantly in our universe?
    a) Hydrogen
Answer: a) Hydrogen
5) The stellar and solar source of energy is?
    a) Nuclear fusion
    b) Electromagnetic induction
    c) Electromotive force
6) A device employed to measure the dia of stars & our galaxy is called?
    a) Photometer
    c) Visco meter
    d) Interferometer
Answer:d) Interferometer
7) The planet is also called morning star or evening star?
    c) Mars
    d) Saturn
Answer: b)Venus
8) The planet which completes one revolution in 88 days around the sun is _____.
Answer: a)Mercury 
9) Haley's comet completes one revolution around the sun in
    a) 40 years
    b) 46 years
    c) 60 years
    d) 76 years
Answer: d) 76 years
10) The small group of planetary pieces which are confined and revolving between mars and Jupiter is called ____.
    a) Meteors
    b) Comet
    c) Celestial bodies
    d) Asteroids
Answer: d) Asteroids
11) The nearest star from earth____.
    a) Pole star 
    b) Comet 
    c) Sun
    d) Asteroid
Answer: c) Sun
12) Which is not a planet of the solar system?
    a) Mercury
    b) Saturn
    d) Florida
Answer: d) Florida
13) Smallest planet of the sollar system____.
    a) Uranus
    b) Neptune
    c) Jupiter
    d) Saturn
Answer: d) Saturn
14) Nearest Planet from the sun_____.
    a) Mercury
    b) Mars
    c) Earth
    d) Venus
Answer: a) Mercury
15) Planet Neptune was discovered by __.
    a) Galley
    b) Galileo
    c) Kepler'
    d) Newton
Answer: a) Galley
16) Which is the nearest to the sun?
    a) beta century
    b) Alpha century
    c) Gamma century
    d) Proxima century
Answer: Proxima century
17)  The planet whose density is less than water and on keeping in the water it will start to float_______.
    a) Saturn
    b) venus
    c) Mars
    d) Mercury
Answer: a) Saturn
18) In which year man first landed on the moon?
    a) 1963 
Answer: c)1969
19) In space, the sky looks to an astronaut?
    a)  Blue 
    b) Red 
    d) Black
Answer: d) Black
20) Which planet is also called a red planet?
    c) Mars
    d) Saturn
Answer: c) Mars

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