Imp questions on surveying for civil engineering aspirants part 03

 1) The sensitiveness of a level tube decreases if

A. radius of curvature of its inner surface is increased

B. diameter of the tube is increased

C. length of the vapour bubble is increased

D. both viscosity and surface tension are increased.

Answer: D

2) For true difference in elevations between two points A and B, the level must be set up

A. at any point between A and B

B. at the exact mid point of A and B

C. near the point A

D. near the point B.

Answer:  B

3) ABCD is a regular parallelogram plot of land whose angle BAD is 60°. If the bearing of the line AB is 30°, the bearing of CD, is

A. 90°

B. 120°

C. 210°

D. 270°

Answer:  C

4) Keeping the instrument height as 1.5 m, length of staff 4 m, the slope of the ground as 1 in 10, the sight on the down-slope, must be less than

A. 30 m

B. 25 m

C. 20 m

D. 15 m


5) Pick up the correct statement from the following :

A. Box sextant is used for the measurement of horizontal angles

B. Cross staff is used for setting out right angles

C. Gradiometer is used for setting out any required gradient

D. Line ranger is used for locating intermediate stations on a survey line

E. All the above.

Answer:  E

6) In leveling operation

A. when the instrument is being shifted, the staff must not be moved

B. when the staff is being carried forward, the instrument must remain stationary

C. both (a) and (b)

D. neither (a) nor (b).

Answer: OptionC

7) The branch of surveying in which both horizontal and vertical positions of a point, are determined by making instrumental observations, is known

A. tacheometry

B. tachemetry

C. telemetry

D. all the above.

Answer: D

8) If the angular measurements of a traverse are more precise than its linear measurements, balancing of the traverse, is done by

A. Bowditch's rule

B. Transit rule

C. Empirical rule

D. all of the above.

Answer:  B

9) Pantagraph is used for

A. measuring distances

B. measuring areas

C. enlarging or reducing plans

D. setting out right angles

Answer: C

10) An ideal transition curve is

A. cubic parabola

B. cubic spiral

C. clothoid spiral

D. true spiral.

Answer: C

11) The latitude of a traverse leg is obtained by multiplying its length by

A. tangent of its reduced bearing

B. sign of its reduced bearing

C. cosine of its reduced bearing

D. cosecant of its reduced bearing.

Answer:  C

12) The angle between two plane mirrors of optical square, is

A. 20°

B. 30°

C. 45°

D. 60°

E. 90°.

Answer:  C

13) In optical reading instruments

A. the vertical circle is usually continuous from 0° to 359°

B. the readings increase when the telescope is elevated in the face left position

C. the readings decrease when the telescope is elevated in the face right position

D. all the above.

Answer: D

14) For setting out a simple curve, using two theodolites.

A. offsets from tangents are required

B. offsets from chord produced are required

C. offsets from long chord are required

D. deflection angles from Rankine's formula are required

E. none of these.

Answer: E

15) Geodetic surveying is undertaken

A. for production of accurate maps of wide areas

B. for developing the science of geodesy

C. making use of most accurate instruments and methods of observation

D. for determination of accurate positions on the earth's surface of system of control points

E. all the above.

Answer: E

16) The desired sensitivity of a bubble tube with 2 mm divisions is 30". The radius of the bubble tube should be

A. 13.75 m

B. 3.44 m

C. 1375 m

D. none of these.

Answer:  A

17) Two hill tops A and B 20 km apart are intervened by a third top C. If the top most contour of the three hill tops are of the same value, state whether the line of sight AB

A. passes clear of hill top C

B. passes below the hill top C

C. grazes the hill top C

D. none of these.

Answer: B

18) Pick up the correct statement from the following :

A. the length of the brass handle is included in the length of chain

B. the handles are on swivel joints to prevent twisting of the chain

C. the fifth tag from either end of the chain is numbered 5

D. the length of the Gunter's chain is 66 ft.

E. all the above.

Answer: E

19) True meridian of different places

A. converge from the south pole to the north pole

B. converge from the north pole to the south pole

C. converge from the equator to the poles

D. run parallel to each other.

Answer:  C

20) The diaphragm of a stadia theodolite is fitted with two additional

A. horizontal hairs

B. vertical hairs

C. horizontal and two vertical hairs

D. none of these.

Answer:  A

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