Computer questions and answers part 06 / computer mcq questions

Computer knowledge is one of the important parts of the competitive exam. Do practice the below questions and improve your skills it will help to get more scores in the exam. 

 1) Properly arranged data is called

A) Information

B) File

C) Field

D) Words

 Ans: A

2) The common name for the crime of stealing passwords is

A) Spoofing

B) Surfing

C) Identity Theft

D) Spieling

 Ans A)

3) Microprocessors as switching devices are for which generation computers?

A) Fourth generation

B) Third generation

C) the Second generation

D) First generation

 Ans A

4) Formatting a cell in the currency you can specify

A) Percentage symbol

B) Currency symbol

C) Decimal places

D) Both B & C

 Ans: B

5) A report generator is used to

A) print files on paper

B) data entry

C) update files

D) All the above

 Ans: A

6) Output devices make it possible to

A) View and print a data

B) Scan a data

C) Input a data

D) Sending a data

 Ans: A

7) Which unit holds data temporarily?

A) Secondary storage unit

B) Output Unit

C) Primary Memory Unit

D) Input unit

 Ans C

8) Computer programs are written in a high-level programming language, however, the human-readable version of a program is called ___

A) Cache

B) Instruction set

C) Source code

D) None of these

 Ans: C

9) Chief component of the first-generation computer was

A) Vacuum tubes

B) integrated circuits

C) transistors

D) None of the above

 Ans A

10) The symbols used in an assembly language are called?

A) Assembler

B) Mnemonics

C) Codes

D) All of the above

 Ans: B

11) ___ is a process of searching for bugs in software

A) Compiling

B) Testing

C) Running

D) Debugging

 Ans: D

12) Google Docs is a type of cloud computing.


 Ans A

13) Programs stored in ROM are called

A) Hardware

B) Firmware

C) Freeware

D) Software

 Ans B

14) If a new device is attached to a computer, such as a printer or a scanner, its __ must be installed before the device can be used 

A) buffer

B) driver

C) pager

D) server

 Ans: B

15) What could cause a Fixed Disk Error?

A) Slow Processor Speed

B) RAM Space

C) Incorrect CMOS Settings

D) None

 Ans: C

16) A person who used his or her expertise to gain access to other people's computers to get information illegally or do damage is a ____

A) spammer

B) hacker

C) instant messenger

D) programmer

 Ans B

17) What is the shortcut key to open the Font dialog box?

A) Ctrl + Shift + F

B) Ctrl + D

C) Ctrl + Shift + P

D) All of the above

 Ans: D

18) Which operation is not performed by a computer?

A) Understanding

B) Controlling

C) Processing

D) Inputting

 Ans: A

19) Which device is required for the internet connection?

A) cd drive

B) modem

C) nic card

D) joystick

 Ans: B

20) A(n) …. is a small group of computers and peripherals linked together in a small geographic area. 





 Ans: C

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