Computer questions and answers part 14 / computer mcq questions

Computer knowledge is one of the important parts of the competitive exam. Do practice the below questions and improve your skills it will help to get more scores in the exam. 

 1) When a computer prints a report this output is called

A) Soft copy

B) Hard copy

C) Printing

D) Program

Ans: B

2) Which of the following is the largest unit of information?

A) 1 TB

B) 1 GB

C) 1 MB

D) 1 KB

Ans: A

3) The physical components of a computer are referred to as

A) Processor

B) Software

C) Hardware

D) Input devices

Ans: C

4) The popular Access Method for a computer network is

A) Ethernet

B) Token Ring

C) Bus Token

D) None

Ans: B

5) Which of the following was the first supercomputer developed in 1976?

A) Acom Atom

B) Cray-1



Ans: B

6) MPG extension refers usually to what kind of file?

A) MS Office document

B) Image file

C) Word Perfect Document file

D) Animation/movie file

Ans: D

7) A template stores

A) Auto text entries

B) Graphics, text, styles, macros

C) Customized word command setting

D) All of above

Ans: D

8) Which standard governs parallel communications?

A) CAT 5

B) IEEE 1284

C) RS-232

D) None of the above

Ans: B

9) Hard Drive capacity is measured in

A) Newton


C) THz

D) Gwalior

Ans: B

10) The clipboard

A) is a Cache memory

B) is a feature that stores user information

C) is used to temporarily store, items that have been cut or copied

D) is a feature that saves file temporarily

Ans: C

11) An image created to accompany words is called

A) A Hieroglyph

B) An Illustration

C) A Logo

D) An Icon

Ans: B

12) The two broad categories of software are

A) Drivers and MS office

B) Application and Spreadsheets

C) System and Application

D) Utility programs and System

Ans: C

13) A computer program consists of

A) flowchart

B) algorithm

C) logical steps

D) All of the above

Ans: B

14) Each model of a computer has a unique

A) High-level language

B) Assembly language

C) Both A & B

D) Machine language

Ans: D

15) Which of the following data structure is linear type?

A) Tree

B) Binary Tree

C) Queue

D) Graph

Ans: C

16) A single packet on a data link is known as

A) Frame

B) Group

C) Block

D) Path

Ans: B

17) In Microsoft Word, ____ view shows how the document would look when it is printed.

A) Web Layout

B) Normal Layout

C) Reading Layout

D) Print Layout

Ans B

18) Which memory needs to refresh?




D) All of the above

Ans: A

19) The persistence of learning over time most clearly depends on

A) memory

B) visual encoding

C) chunking

D) shallow processing

Ans: A

20) Cache memory is a form of ROM.


Ans B

21) A locked file can be

A) modified by the user with the correct password

B) is used to hide sensitive

C) accessed by only one user

D) Both B & C

Ans: C

22) Which memory is nonvolatile?

A) Floppy discs

B) Magnetic tape


D) All of the above

Ans: D

23) Which of the following is a secondary storage device?


B) Disc

C) Projector

D) All of the above

Ans: B

24) Which three parts of the computer receive input?

A) MICR, Barcode readers, Touch-screens

B) Keyboard, ALU, Printers

C) Keyboard, Mouse, Printers

D) Printers, MICR, Touch-screens

Ans: A

25) Concatenation of text can be done using

A) Ampersand (&)

B) Hash (#)

C) Apostrophe (')

D) Exclamation (!)

Ans: A

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