Computer questions and answers part 17 / computer mcq questions

Computer knowledge is one of the important parts of the competitive exam. Do practice the below questions and improve your skills it will help to get more scores in the exam. 

 1) Which of the following is the lightest computer?

A) Desktop

B) Tablet

C) Laptop

D) Ultrabook

 Ans: B

2) The resolution of a printer is measured in


B) Megabits

C) Hertz

D) Inches

 Ans: A

3) Cybercards are most useful for

A) writing to-do lists

B) creating new inventions

C) keeping a personal diary

D) tracking Internet-based research

 Ans: D

4) In a spreadsheet program how is data organized?

A) Rows and columns

B) Layers and planes

C) Lines and spaces

D) All of the above

 Ans: A

5) Cache memory acts between

A) CPU and Hard disc

B) RAM and ROM

C) CPU and RAM

D) None of the above

 Ans C

6) Starting or restarting a computer is called tasking the system.


 Answer: B

7) Which of the following requires one byte of storage?

A) Character

B) Sentence

C) Page

D) Paragraph

 Answer  A

8) The _____ has emerged as a convenient means of global communication, information sharing and services.

A) e-books

B) Internet

C) Satellites

D) Public telephone booths

 Ansr: B

9) Which memory is stored permanently?


B) Computer cache

C) Hard drive

D) All of the above

 Answer : C

10) Which of the given below is not a hardware?

A) Assembler

B) Monitor

C) Printer

D) All of the above

 Answer: A

11) Which statement about ultrabook computers is false?

A) Ultrabooks typically weigh less than 3 pounds

B) Ultrabooks have the fastest optical drives

C) Ultrabooks do not offer HDMI video output ports

D) Utrabooks are equipped with SSD drives for fast start-up

 Ans: B

12) You cannot link excel worksheet data to a word document

A) With a hyperlink

B) With the copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar

C) With the right drag method

D) With the copy and paste special commands

 Ans B

13) Hub works on which layer?

A) Network layer

B) Physical layer

C) Data link layer

D) All of the above

 Answer: B

14) Transformation of input into output is performed by


B) The input-output unit

C) Memory unit

D) Peripherals

 Answer : A

15) To exit the PowerPoint application, you should

A) Double click the application control menu icon

B) Click the application minimize button

C) Double click the document control menu icon

D) Click the document close button

 Answer  A

16) Which keyboard shortcut bolds selected text?





 Ans: C

17) Why is secondary storage needed?

A) no need of power supply

B) large storage capacity

C) Both A & B

D) None of the above

 Answer: C

18) Operating system is the most common type of

A) Application software

B) Word processing

C) System software

D) Communication software


19) OS" computer abbreviation means

A) Open Software

B) Order of significance

C) Optical Sensor

D) Operating System

 Answer  D

20) IP addresses are converted to

A) A binary string

B) A domain name

C) Alphanumeric string

D) A hexadecimal string

 Answer B

21) Which of the following is not a video file extension?

A) .flv

B) .mov

C) .mp3

D) None of the above

 Answer C

22) Switching between portrait and landscape modes involves the

A) print layout view

B) Arc map

C) header and footer toolbar

D) page setup dialog box

 Answer D

23) Today ____ are seen as personal accessory - portable, powerful and simple to operate.

A) e-mail

B) e-business  

C) e-content  

D) Computers

 Answer : D

24) A search engine is a program to search

A) files in the www

B) documents in the www

C) Both A & B

D) None of the above

 Answer C

25) Start' menu in a standard personal computer is

A) Part of the hardware

B) A set of options and commands

C) Nothing but the status bar

D) Network related  

 Answer: B

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