Indian Geography questions/ Indian Geography question bank/ Part 02

 1)  Guwahati is situated on the bank of the river

A) Teesta

B) Brahmaputra

C) Hooghly

D) Sone

 Answer: B

2)  Which one of the following countries has the longest International boundary with India

A) Bangladesh

B) Bhutan

C) China

D) Pakistan

Answer: A

3) Which of the following is the largest lagoon in India ?

A) Vembanad lagoon

B) Chilka lagoon

C) Pulicat lagoon

D) Kolleru

Answer: B

4)  Which among the following cities of India will have midday Sun exactly overhead only once a year

A) Delhi and chennai

B) Srinagar and Darjeeling

C) Hyderabad and Kohima

D) Nagpur and Kolkata

Answer: D

5)  Which state of india has the smallest land area?

A) Goa

B) Nagaland

C) Sikkim

D) Tripura

 Answer: A

6) River ___ is called 'The Sorrow of the Bengal'

A) Sone

B) Damodar

C) Hooghly

D) Kosi

Answer: B

7) The ___ Lake of India has very high salinity

A) Sambhar (Rajasthan)

B) Wular ( J & K)

C) Chilka (Orissa)

D) Pulicut ( Tamil Nadu)

Answer: A

8) Which one of the following cities will never get the vertical rays of the sun?

A) Srinagar

B) Thiruvananthapuram

C) Kolkata

D) Mumbai

Answer: A

9) Among the following Union Territories of India, which one has the largest size

A) Puducherry

B) Lakshadweep

C) Daman and diu

D) Chandigarh

Answer: A

10) Smallest Taluk in Kerala State?

A) Kunnathur

B) Eranad

C) Palakkad

D) Alappuzha

Answer: A

11)  Which one of the following causes rainfall in the north-western parts of india during winter season ? 

A) Cyclonic depression

B) Retreating monsoon

C) Western disturbances

D) South West monsoon

 Answer: C

12) The largest southern most single Island in India is

A) Rameswaram Island

B) Minicoy Island

C) Car Nicobar Island

D) Great Nicobar Island

 Answer: D

13) Which Crop is Sown on the Largest Area in India?

A) Wheat

B) Barley

C) Rice

D) Maize

Answer: C

14) Which of the following mountains are the oldest according to geological history?

A) Nilgiris

B) Satpura Range

C) Vindhyas

D) Aravalli

 Answer: D

15) The smallest Union Territory of India is 

A) Lakshadweep

B) Pondicherry

C) Daman and Diu

D) Dadar and Nagar Haveli

 Answer: A

16) The approximate length of the coast line of India is

A) 5,500km

B) 6,000km

C) 6,500km

D) 7,000km

 Answer: D

17) The climate of India is mainly tropical because

A) of the location of the Himalayas in the north

B) major part of India lies within the tropics

C) of the overpowering influence of India Ocean

D) of the seasonal influence of jet streams

Answer: A

18) Economically, the most important forests of India are

A) Tidal forest

B) Thorn forest

C) Everngreen forest

D) Tropical deciduous forest

Answer: D

19) Which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?

A) Rawat Bhata

B) Kalpakkam

C) Tarapore

D) Narora

 Answer: B

20) Gondwana coalfields are found in

A) Assam

B) Madhya Pradesh

C) Meghalaya

D) Jammu & Kashmir

 Answer: B

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