Indian Geography questions/ Indian Geography question bank/ Part 04

 1) India's first solar ponds Bhuj Solar Pond project is being constructed in the state of __

A) Rajasthan

B) Maharashtra

C) Gujarat

D) Andhra Pradesh

 Answer: D

2) Which of the following does not belong to biosphere reserves set up so far

A) Nilgiris

B) Sundarbans

C) Nanda devi

D) Reuna

Answer: D

3) Which of the following is the leading sediment transporting river in India

A) Brahmaputra

B) yamuna

C) Ganges

D) Indus

Answer: C

4) Which organisation among the following gave a slogan "Hyderabad for Hyderabadies" ?

A) Ittehadul Musleemeen

B) Jameeyat Riya Mame Nizam

C) Deccan-e-Shabbir

D) Jamia Islamia

Answer: B

5) The mountains which are not a part of the Himalayan chain __

A) Aravalli

B) Hindukush

C) Karakoram

D) Kunlun

Answer: A

6) Mica is available abundantly in

A) Andhra Pradesh, Jharkand, Bihar

B) Bihar, Gujarat, Telangana

C) Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jharkand

D) Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar

 Answer: A

7) Which of the following is the east of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A) Thailand

B) Sri Lanka

C) Indonesia

D) All of these

Answer: C

8) Telangana region represents one of the following types of vegetation

A) Tropical deciduous

B) Thorn

C) Tropical ever green

D) Sub - tropical decidual

Answer: B

9) Which 'Water Body' separates Andaman and Nicobar Islands ?

A) Eleventh Degree Channel

B) Andaman Sea

C) Bay of Bengal

D) Ten Degree Channel

Answer: D

10) Which river is also known as dakshin ganga?

A) Cauvery

B) Godavari

C) Krishna

D) Brahmaputra

Answer: B

11) Which is the smallest district of India by size ?

A) Mahe

B) Zila

C) Kaushambi

D) None

 Answer: A

12) The National park ' Valley of Flowers' lies in the state of

A) Uttarakhand

B) Kerala

C) Jammu and Kashmir

D) Himachal Pradesh

Answer: A

13) The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state  ?

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Haryana

C) Bihar

D) Punjab

Answer: D

14) Which American of Indian descent has recently been appointed as the president of the US-Indian Business Council?

A) Nina Davuluri

B) Nisha Dessai Biswal

C) prith Banerjee

D) Asim Ghosh

 Answer: B

15) An element attains stability when it achieves ____ state.

A) an only-duplet

B) an only-octet

C) a duplet or octet

D) a heptate

Answer: C

16) Which city in Australia is hosted the 2018 commonwealth Games?

A) Hobart

B) perth

C) Gold Coast

D) Adelaide

Answer: C

17) Which of the following numbers is composite?

A) 47

B) 57

C) 37

D) 67

Answer: A

18) If V/I is a constant, it is called:

A) Potential difference

B) Current

C) Coulomb

D) Resistance

 Answer: D

19) Which team Won the 2017 Santosh Trophy, the final of which was held in Bambolim, Goa.

A) Services

B) Kerala

C) West Bengal

D) Goa

 Answer: C

20) Echoes may be heard more than once due to successive or multiple

A) Rarefactions

B) Reflections

C) Diffractions

D) Refractions

 Answer: B

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