Indian History bank Part 02

 1) Which is the highest court of justice in India?

Ans:  Supreme court

2) Who appoints the governor of the states in India?

Ans:  president

3) By which other name is the Rajya Sabha also Known?

Ans:  Upper   

4) How many members can the President nominate to the Rajya Sabha?             

Ans:  12

5) Who elects the vice president of India?

Ans :  Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

6) What is the minimum age required to be a presidential candidate?

Ans:  35 years

7) What is the term of a Rajya Sabha member?

Ans: 6 years

8) How many languages are listed in the Eight Schedule of the Indian constitution?

Ans: 22

9) As per the constitution, what is the maximum strength of the Lok Sabha?

Ans:  552 members    

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