My name is Abinash. I am a fresher. Two days before I face an online interview. But I did not qualify.
Kindly suggest the answer to the below questions.

  1. Tell me about your self?
  2. Why you choose HVAC?
  3. Why I hire you as you are fresher?
  4. What is the duct?
  5. What is the psychrometric chart?
  6. What is HVAC?
  7. What does an HVAC engineer do?
The above questions are asked by the interviewer.

Thank you Abinsah for sharing the personal experience.

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  1. https://www.librarykeeda.com/2020/07/what-is-ductingtypes-of-ducting.html


    Go through these links you will get the answer

  2. HVAC is a system which is used to remove heat from a closed space and make comfort to human being
    3. As I mentioned I am a fresher . I am a quick reflector . I am. Curious to get knowledge in HVAC I have basic knowledge in HVAC like this you can tell .
    4. Duct a act like a supplier from machine to room it supplies cool air
    5 . Psychometric chat is a chart will has weather data . It is easy to know the outdoor and indoor condition using psychometric chart
    7. The role of a HVAC enginner was to get information about the building and calculate the amount of cool air required and different calculations. And he has to check is that work on the site was going as per the drawing or not

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