Previous year RRB JE CBT-1 general science questions & answers

1) In Human beings the process of digestion of food begins in:


    b)Food Pipe


    d)Small Intestine

Answer: c

2) Which of the following organism have parasitic modes of nutrition?

    a) Penicillium

    b) Plasmodium

    c) Paramecium

    d) Parrot

Answer: b

3) Name the first enzyme that mixes with food in the digestive tract?

    a) Pepsin

    b) Trypsin

    c) Amylase

    d) None of the above

Answer: c

4)  Which of the following statement is true about ionic compounds?

Ionic compounds conduct electricity when dissolved in water.

Ionic compounds are not soluble in water.

Ionic compounds are crystalline solids.

Correct options are:

    a) Both 1 and 3

    b) Both 1 and 2

    c) Both 2 and 3

    d) All three

Answer: a

5) The solution to one of the following compounds will conduct electricity. This compound is:

    a) CCl4

    b) HCl

    c) CaCl2

    d) CH3Cl

Answer: c

6) What is an ionic bond?

    a)      An ionic bond is formed by the sharing of electrons between two atoms.

    b)      It is a bond formed by the transfer of electrons from one atom to another.

    c)      Both A and B are correct

    d)      None of the above

Answer: b

7) Which mission of NASA brought the first human to moon?

    a) Apollo program

    b) Gemini Program

    c) Mercury Program

    d) None of the above

Answer: a

8) Name the first Spacecraft to visit the Solar System?

    a) Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11

    b) Ranger 1 and Ranger 2

    c) Surveyor 6 and Surveyor 7

    d) Viking 1 and Viking 2

Answer: a

9) Which of the following in biology is the energy currency of cells?

    a) PDP

    b) DTP

    c)  ATP

    d) ADP

Answer: c

10) In the stem of plant respiration and breathing takes place through:

    a)      Lenticels

    b)      Stomata

    c)      Root hair

    d)      Air tubes

Answer: a

11) Which animal has a three-chambered heart?

    a) Pigeon

    b) Lizard

    c) Fish

    d) Lion

Answer: b

12) Which of the following are electrovalent compounds?

    a) Copper Sulphate

    b) Calcium nitrate

    c) Magnesium oxide

    d) All of the above

Answer: d

13) What is the electronic configuration of calcium ion (Ca2+)

    a)      2,8

    b)      2,8,2

    c)      2,8,4

    d)      2,8,8

Answer: d

14) Name the ions present in Sodium Oxide compound?

    a)      Sodium ions

    b)      Oxide ions

    c)      Both A and B

    d)      Neither A nor B

Answer: c

15) Lunar Eclipse occurs:

    a)      When Sun is between Earth and Moon

    b)      When Earth is between Sun and Moon

    c)      When Moon is between Earth and Sun

    d)      When Earth is between Sun and other celestial bodies

Answer: b

16) Select the correct option matching together about Earth shadows:

Umbra – darker, central part

Penumbra – the outer part

Antumbra – partly shaded area beyond the umbra

Correct Options are:

    a) Only 1 and 2

    b) Only 2 and 3

    c) Only 1

    d) All 1, 2 and 3

Answer: d

17) What is the Solar Eclipse?

    a) When the moon comes in between Earth and Sun

    b) When Earth comes in between Moon and Sun

    c) When Sun comes in between Earth and Moon

    d) When Sun rays do not reach Earth.

Answer: a

18) Transportation of food in plants takes place through:

    a) Xylem

    b) Phloem

    c) Companion cells

    d) Tracheids

Answer: b

19) Which salt is used as a raw material for making a large number of useful chemicals in the industry?

    a) Sodium Chloride

    b) Ammonium Hydroxide

    c) Ammonium Chloride

    d) Sodium Nitrate

Answer: a

20) After wound or cut in a body, blood coagulates through:

    a) WBC

    b) RBC

    c) Platelets

    d) Plasma

Answer: c

21) Name the salt when on dissolving in water give an acidic solution?

    a) Potassium Chloride

    b) Ammonium Chloride

    c) Sodium Carbonate

    d) Sodium Acetate

Answer: b

22) When the same pattern of solar eclipse repeats every 18 years 11 days 8 hours are known as:

    a) Nodes cycle

    b) Saros cycle

    c) Saras cycle

    d) Payan cycle

Answer: b

23) Bleaching powder is formed by treating chlorine with.......

    a) Calcium Hydroxide

    b) Potassium Hydrogen carbonate

    c) Magnesium Hydroxide

    d) None of the above

Answer: a

24) What do you mean by Blood Moon?

    a) It is a total solar eclipse.

    b) It is partial lunar eclipse with a red glow

    c) It is total lunar eclipse with the deep red glow

    d) None of the above

Answer: c

25) When blood is forced into the artery, wave-like expansion takes place is called:

    a) Heartbeat

    b) Pulse

    c) Flow

    d) Ticking

Answer: b

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