RRB ALP & RRB NTPC Previous year memory based questions and answers


1)When a beam of white light passes through a prism, the color that undergoes the least deviation is –

    a) Violet

    b) Indigo

    c) Red

    d) Green


2) Which of the following is a chemical change?

    a) Iron filings

    b) Evaporation of alcohol

    c) Freezing of ice

    d) Burning of coal


3) Which fertilizer is prepared by treating ammonia gas with dilute sulphuric acid?

    a) Basic Calcium Nitrate

    b) Urea

    c) Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

    d) Ammonium Sulphate

Ans: d

4) The hardest material in the following is

    a) Glass

    b) Iron

    c) Diamond

    d) Wood

Ans: c

5) When the vapour is passed on red-hot coke, we get

    a) Water-gas

    b) Hydrogen

    c) Nitrogen

    d) Carbon dioxide

Ans: a

6) The mirror used in automobiles to see the rear field of view is

    a) Plane mirror

    b) Convex mirror

    c) Concave mirror

    d) None of these

Ans: b

7) Steam at 100°C causes more severe burns than water at the same temperature because

    a) Steam reacts faster than water with skin

    b) Steam is combustible

    c) Steam is a gas

    d) Steam can provide more heat

Ans: d

8) Soda water is a

    a) Suspension

    b) Precipitate

    c) Colloid

    d) Solution


9) A person is standing on a weighing machine in a moving lift. The weighing machine will show the least reading, when –

    a) Going up with a uniform speed

    b) Coming down with a uniform velocity

    c) Going up with a uniform velocity

    d) Freely falling lift

Ans: d

10) In an oil lamp, there is a hole in the chimney, because:

    a) Smoke may come out

    b) A lamp may glow with brilliance

    c) Oxygen may be available to the glowing lamp

    d) Heat due to glowing may continue to go out

Ans: c

11) Which colour of light has the maximum wavelength?

    a) Yellow

    b) Blue

    c) Red

    d) Green


12) Which amongst the following pairs is not correctly matched?

    a) Pascal – Pressure

    b) Gauss – Light

    c) Ampere – Current

    d) Electric potential – Volt

Ans: b

13) The mineral structure of diamond is:

    a) Zinc

    b) Nickel

    c) Nitrogen

    d) Carbon

Ans : d

14) Which of the following is an example of fossil fuel?

    a) Coke

    b) Natural gas

    c) Coal gas

    d) Producer gas

Ans: b

15) What causes cholera?

    a) Bacteria

    b) Virus

    c) Fungus

    d) Algae

Ans: a

16) The organic acid present in vinegar is:

    a) Butanoic acid

    b) Propanoic acid

    c) Methanoic acid

    d) Ethanoic acid


17) The electric current which changes its direction after fixed intervals of time is called:

    a) Induced current

    b) Direct current

    c) Alternating current

    d) None of these

Ans: c

18) When two bodies are rubbed against each other, they acquire:

    a) Equal and similar charges

    b) Equal and opposite charges

    c) Unequal and similar charges

    d) Unequal and opposite charges

Ans: b

19) Which of these converts sunlight directly into electrical energy?

    a) Solar cooker

    b) Solar cell

    c) Solar furnace

    d) Solar water heater

Ans: b

20) Lighting is caused in the sky due to the flow of charge between:

    a) Two oppositely charged clouds

    b) Two similarly charged clouds

    c) One neutral and one charged clouds

    d) None of these

Ans: a

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